On-Farm Experiences

We have lots of activities at Barcoos for young and old. A typical morning starts with feeding the lambs, chickens & ducks, doing tricks with Georgie Pig (she does tricks for treats)&  meeting Eeyore the donkey.

After that guest can enjoy led pony rides or have a go in the sulky.

Nothing is ever constant on a farm, so please expect things to be different. Georgie may have learnt a new trick,  the lambs may have grown up into sheep or there may be a drought…. and very rarely it might rain heavily.

Life on a farm is is always changing but there is so much to do and experience.

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We strive to provide our guests with exciting and enjoyable activities, but due to the changing nature of the daily farm experience are unable to guarantee provision of any particular activity or experience.

Occasionally Farmer Ken and his tractor may be working on other farms or paddocks away from Barcoos.  In this case tractor rides are not available.

We appreciate your understanding that we can’t guarantee all experiences at all times.  Rest assured there will always be plenty to do!

Visit here for more information about Farm Activities and Pony Rides