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Eden is Special.

But, why is Eden Special? Eden sometimes can’t cope when things happen, sometimes it can be something that I can’t even see, but she perhaps can – or imagines she can! –

Eden has made me learn so much! Pre Eden, I just had a horse and I rode it, or I did other stuff with it, and it was an Ok horse, or a good horse, or maybe a horse that wasn’t suitable for me so I sold it!

So why do I still have Eden? – Because she has made me realise, because she is different, I need to be different, and the way she would lose the plot that if I didn’t help her she would have ended up most probably at the knackery!

We have attended Horsemanship Clinics and spent hours studying. That involves traveling and lots of money, and time! – I’ve spent hours upon hours just being there with her, helping her to find confidence in herself, helping her find relaxation, and letting her know that the world is not such a terrible place. Are we there yet? NO! But we are a lot closer and recently she is finding enough confidence to “say” to the other horses at feed time, “this is mine,” previously she would have just not eaten!

Eden is only a small horse – perhaps 14hh, but she is a Thoroughbred X Welsh Mountain Pony, and despite her small size she has lots of Thoroughbred traits, they have a great, powerful engine, which has been bred into them over three hundred and fifty years of careful selection, so she is bred to go, and go she can!! But at the same time, she is incredibly gentle and sensitive, empathetic and a very quick learner. When she has your trust she just loves to stand quietly and listen to you and what your body is saying.

Part of this story is about Eden and our journey. The other part is because of her, and because of lots of guests that visit that are Special Needs, whether that be ASD, Anxiety, Fear, Developmental Disorders, PTSS, etc. I am keen to develop a niche market for these guests. –

There are many studies that have been done on Animal Therapy, its therapeutic and sensory benefits for adults I’veand kids with Special Needs.

I don’t have a degree in Psychology, but I do have the last 12 years of running my Farmstay and having lots of wonderful families and groups visit. Of seeing, and experiencing the incredible difference that well trained and safe animals can make to guests that have challenges in their life.

Please contact me and have a chat about a Farmstay, or A Farm Experience Visit before you arrive and we can be prepared and tailor your visit to meet your special needs.

Eden, part Thoroughbred, part Welsh Mountain Pony – A delightful but challenging pony.