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A Refresher on Farm Rules

I know… I know… nobody likes to be bombarded by rules. However, in order to keep our humans and animals safe – there are a few things we need you to know.

Please carefully read the rules, if you have any questions please contact Elaine or Ken.

•    All guests must report to Elaine or Ken upon arrival unless previously arranged.
•     All accommodation must be paid in full before or on arrival (unless alternate arrangements made)
•    Credit Card details must be provided on your registration as a bond. ANY outstanding charges may be deducted from this amount. We will not deduct any money from this amount unless there is damage, additional cleaning or unpaid accommodation.  The security authorisation may be shared among your group if requested.It is not the responsibility of the management Barcoos Barn Farmstay to identify a particular person in your group, therefore any damage to the property or camp site you occupy is your responsibility.
•    All guests must register upon arrival and agree to abide by Barcoos Barn Farmstay rules.
•    Check out is from 11.30am unless otherwise arranged. You do not have to leave the farm then, just be out of your unit so it can be prepared for incoming guests.
•    Check in is 2.30pm unless otherwise arranged    (Check in and Check out times do not usually apply to campers unless there is a follow on booking for that site)

•    NO off road vehicle use is permitted on the farm for environmental, insurance and noise reasons (eg. Four Wheel drives & off road motorcycle activities.)
•    Please drive slowly and safely within the Farm. MAX 10kph speed limit. Remember there are likely to be kids running, playing ball games etc.
•    Sheds are off limits to all guests unless accompanied by Elaine, Ken or other designated staff.
•    Children must be properly supervised at all times when on the farm. They are not permitted to climb on any structure. This includes machinery, sheds, trees, water tanks, railings, tables, chairs, sinks, toilets, benches or leaning out of windows.
•    All animals and all plants on the farm are protected.
•    Pets are permitted on the Farm. You must have read & signed The Visiting Pet Agreement Form.
•    Rubbish is to be placed in bins. Campsites are to be free from litter at all times. Do not burn rubbish (excepting paper & cardboard) in the campfire pits.
•    Recycling: Guests are requested to help our environment by recycling where possible. Specific bins are supplied for glass/plastic bottles. You are encouraged to give your waste food scraps to the chickens. Do not feed the dogs or leave waste lying about.
•    Toilets: Do not flush any foreign objects (sanitary napkins/condoms/rubbish, excessive amounts of toilet paper), down the toilet. (Bins are provided for sanitary napkins etc.). A fee applies if the septic system is blocked by foreign materials.
•    The drinking water at Barcoos Barn Farmstay is tested to be safe to drink; – However if you are still unsure of the quality, it is your responsibility to boil prior to drinking. If you opt to drink bottled water please take your empty bottles with you.
•    Please use the water thoughtfully and keep shower times to a minimum.
•    If an emergency occurs, or an Ambulance etc. is called to the farm, please let Elaine or Ken know.

•    Barcoos Farmstays Bathurst is all about experiencing a visit to the Farm, relaxing, having fun and sharing happiness and laughter with friends and family.  Please respect the privacy of other guests to ensure everyone has a pleasurable experience. Any noise or music must be kept to a reasonable volume at all times so as not to disturb other guests. Noise and Music must be reduced from 8 pm. (turn off amplified music and stereos).
•    A 10pm curfew applies to all noise (generators) and music etc. If you are planning a party, let us know in advance so we can negotiate conditions to allow you to enjoy the occasion without annoying other park guests.
•    Any person behaving in an offensive manner or who intentionally damages property will be removed from the farm. Where necessary the matter will be referred to Police. No refunds of money will be given.
•    We reserve the right to refuse or revoke entry to the farm to any person whom is causing excessive noise or is considered to be conducting themselves inappropriately.
•    NO Firearms (including bow & arrows etc.), Fireworks or Flares etc. are permitted on the farm.
•    Behaviour that creates a dangerous situation causes injury or damage to property will be reported to Police for action. E.g., fireworks
•    All native & domestic animals are protected at Barcoos Barn Farmstay. Guests are not to annoy, chase or harm any animals.
•    Fires are not to be lit during times of declared Total fire bans.  If you need to cook during these times use the cooking facilities in your accommodation or the Camp Kitchen, or see Elaine and check if a gas BBQ is available.

    All camping is to be Pre booked & Pre paid
•    Additional cleaning fees and any damages may be charged to the credit card account provided to Barcoos Farmstays Bathurst at the time of guest registration.
•    Campsites must not be set up within 6 meters of another campsite. or within 30 meters of the gully.
•    Please ensure all persons registered in your group camps together at the allocated camp sites
•    Glass/cans & Plastic is not to be placed in campfires.  Do not burn rubbish in the campfire – Cardboard & paper are excepted.
•    Campsites are to be free from litter at all times.
•    Campsites must be left free from rubbish upon departure
•    Do not leave damaged camping equipment on the Farm
•    Generators permitted. Must be turned off or be very quiet motors between 8pm & 7am. Permission to run the generators between these times is at Barcoos Farmstays Bathurst sole discretion based on the impact to other guests.

•    Guests are required to complete the Guest Registration form for insurance reasons AND Government regulations.
•    Gas BBQ’s are to be kept reasonably clean and the gas bottle turned off when not in use. Do not leave food on the BBQ as insects are attracted to the area.
•     Please do not move BBQ on to the verandah as it may create a fire hazard
•    Please return furniture/kitchen cutlery, crockery etc. to the original position prior to departure.
•    Any breakages or equipment that is not working must be reported to the owners as soon as possible (including blown light bulbs, plates, holes in walls etc.)
•    No smoking is permitted inside the units or within 5 meters of doorways & windows for health and safety reasons. Please dispose of cigarette butts thoughtfully.
•    Please report any breakages before departure.  Any missing equipment items, excessive mess or damage (above what is considered normal wear and tear or fair use) will be charged against the security bond.
•    If you do not leave the house in a reasonable clean and tidy condition upon departure, a cleaning fee will be deducted from your bond. Eg. wash dishes, place rubbish in bins, replace furniture to original position
•    Please put away and item you have used.
•    If you discharge a Fire extinguisher, you must advise Elaine or Ken immediately. Failure to do so will be presumed to be misuse of the equipment and a $150 per item misused will apply.  Discharging the fire extinguisher for non-fire fighting purposes will be considered wilful damage and you may be removed from the park
•    All accommodation charges are to be paid prior to departure, unless otherwise arranged prior to booking.
•    Additional cleaning fees and damages may be charged to the credit card account on the guest registration.

We apologise these rules are so long, they are to ensure everyones stay is enjoyable and safe.