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“Black Betty” – The Orphan Black Angus Heifer.

Betty was advertised on a FB Buy, Swap and Sell site as she couldn’t stay in the backyard in Perthville village any longer! – A cute little orphan cow, at 12 months old is getting a little to big for a back yard and sharing the back doormat with the pet dog! Apparently all was not too bad until she forgot her manners and piddled on the dogs mat a couple of times! – The dog tried to tell her that this was not acceptable, and Betty, being the bigger of the 2 won the argument!, so, Betty had to go! BUT, there was no way this family was going to sell her to someone that put her in their freezer! SO, Betty has joined our little herd of cattle, she will eventually meet Barry our bull and hopefully in time we will have more little black calves.
Betty is VERY friendly, a little too friendly – yesterday evening she wanted to play tag with me, but when one of the little calves wanted to play with her she ran away! I don’t think she realises she is a cow yet! We will have to make sure she is shut away from little guests just in case she wants that cuddle and scratch a little to close to them. Betty adores a scratch around her ears and under her chin.
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Black Betty, Black Angus Calf