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Christmas time brings Christmas Beetles!

I’m not sure what their botanical name is but we call them Christmas beetles! They start making their presence felt around November and by Christmas they are fully grown and have munched their way through most of the gum leaves on the trees around the homestead. By mid January they have gone to wherever Christmas Beetles go for the remainder of the year! Christmas Beetles

Like most bugs they love night time lights, that’s OK for us, we are used to it! Alas, guests from urban areas that are used to having street lights and other lights on all night find them a challenge. They are perfectly harmless although they can grab you with their legs, their big nuisance value is their love of lights! They seem to be able to get into the house through the tiniest cracks!

The secret is to keep the lights out!! Pull the blinds/curtains, shut the doors and put those draft stoppers we use in winter to keep the cold out at every outside door. We do provide those little dull night lights for guests.