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Big Nellie

Big Nellie astounds me!!!

Grandaughter Izzy has problems with her pony Zara when it comes to water jumps, so today Gary rides Nellie to show Zara that it’s OK to walk through water.

I have owned Nellie (Australian Draught Mare),  about 2 years and havn’t achieved much with her. 2 weeks ago Gary decided to see what would happen if he rode her! – Absolutley nothing – amazing. Nellie is probably about 12 yrs old, would have been ridden briefly as part of being “broken in”, as perhaps a 2 year old and has done nothing to speak of since, except to have some major fright that makes her very nervous & jittery whilst pulling a implement. Problem is – she is toooo high for me to get up into the saddle – 17.5 hands!!