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Natural Horsemanship

Time to start working on the “Blogs” for Barcoos Farmstay webpage. Raining cats & dogs at the moment so shut up inside.

Last week I spent 5 magic days at Leconfield Cattle Drives in the hills above Tamworth. I took Wirraway along as I was having a few challenges in handling her & figured that if I was going to ride a horse for 5 days it may as well be mine so we could get the best out of one another.

Jillian Sullivan runs these 5 day “cattle drives” along with her husband Steve, & her daughter Sarah was our cook & sometimes “Tail End Charlie” on our rides.

Jillian trained our awesome Barcoo, and I bought him from her around 7 years ago. I have always said I wanted to go back there & learn some more “Natural Horsemanship Skills”.

A 500klm drive to get there, camping overnight at Coolah & arriving at 10am Monday. After lunch it was saddle up & head off for the hills for a 3 hour ride for Jillian to observe our riding skills. Wirraway started out wanting to be at the front & being impatient, took just 2 brief lessons from Jillian for Wirraway to decide life was far more peaceful to just walk along peacefully.

Over the next few days we did a bit of cattle & sheep mustering, took a awesome 4 hour ride to the top of the local mountain, wonderful views & phone reception! Learnt a range of “ground games” to do with our horses which teaches them to trust us & be happy to around us, not to be threatened or to be feared. Wirraway was chosen as the demonstration horse for “join up” So lots of learing for her & I, and yes I have been on her since coming home & she is just such a different horse to ride, very gentle & responsive.

She was such a willing, quick learner that Jillian wants to have first offer if I ever should decide to sell her!