We have lots of activities at Barcoos for young and old. Activities generally start at 8.30am (later in mid-winter!). and generally last from 1 – 2 hours and sometimes more! We start the day feeding the animals and this is usually followed by led pony rides. Sometimes these are longer paddock rides depending on the ages of participants.

Our animals around the house are usually, sheep, lambs, pig, chickens, ducks, calves/cow, horses and dogs.

Later in the day your activities may include, Hay Ride/Farm tours, sulky rides, sled rides, tractor rides* These usually start at 4pm depending on guests and weather.

Nothing is ever constant on a farm, so please expect things to be different. The horse or pig may have learnt to do something different! – The lambs may have grown up into sheep!  There may be a drought and very rarely it might rain heavy, it is always changing! but always there is so much to do and experience.