About Our Farms

The Hamer family settled on Wardell in 1834 and the 7th generation Hamers are living on the farm today. Mirambeena ( a second property), is a grazing property and is located 40km south near Trunkey Creek. We run 2000 Merino sheep, 70 breeding cows, have several working dogs and 10 horses, From huge Clydesdales, and avereage sized pony, Zara and 3  the awesome Shetland Ponys. We often have lambs and sometimes a poddy calf we bottle feed. We have a beautiful variety of hens and ducks, with many different colours & breeds

Hamer’s Hay and Silage is our main rural enterprise which Ken and Gary operate. We produce hay and silage from our own properties as well as for other farmers in the area. Hay and silage is sold to other farms, hobby farmers and the horse industry.

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